Nanobiosystems - NBS

Director: Christophe THIBAULT
Deputy-director: Thierry LEICHLE
Secretary: Elena STRAT


The NanoBioSystems group's rationale is encompassed by the fundamental stakes of nanobiotechnology. Defined in 2003 (Nat. Biotech., Vol 21 n°10) as being a novel scientific exploratory field that addresses emerging life science applications of nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology weighs today more than 7 b€, with more than 200 companies selling over the world roughly 160 different products deriving from nanobiotechs' related Intellectual Property.

Empowered by the united human potential of more than 20 Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows, following the scientific visions of 11 full time permanent researchers, the NanoBioSystems group relies on a scientific road map that recalls a "DNA-like" double stranded structure. Thus, the group aims at tackling BIOLOGY-related issues using NANOSYSTEMS but also NANOSYSTEM-related issues being inspired by BIOLOGY.

Its state-of-the-art activities focuses on:

  • exploring living cells and their interaction with the environment
  • integration of advanced materials and biomolecules for nano-devices
  • biosensing
  • bioimplants

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