Nano Engineering and System Integration - N2IS

Director: Georges LANDA
Deputy-director: Eric CAMPO

Secretary :  Elena STRAT

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N2IS team is an old team, please refer to new team pages M3, MILE, NEO and S4M.

Our team brings together theorists skilled in physics, material chemistry and experimentalists skilled in biophysics, materials science, fluidics, technologists at the micro and nano-levels jointly with circuits/systems researchers. Our commitment is to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research in Science and Engineering to address the challenges associated with current and future nanoengineered systems responding to the modern society needs.

We tackle societal challenges in health/biology, aging population, environment/water quality, security and industrial renew. We distinguish two fields of interest:

  1. Health, Society Well-fare and Environment
  2. Security (persons, goods, systems and structures)

Our research spans a broad set of activities aiming at developing theoretical, experimental and technological tools for the manipulation, manufacturing, understanding and modeling of complex multi-scale systems of different nature: molecule, solid state material, fluid, DNA, cells, sensors and systems. Our research projects fall in five sub-topics :