MUSE kick-off

Thursday, 2 June, 2016

The kick-off meeting of the MUSE project, for MUlti-Scale Engineering: a platform for designing and manufacturing advanced oxide-based nanostructures and materials",  will take place at LAAS-CNRS on May 2nd with members of 3 other labs involved: CEMES, CIRIMAT & LCC.

In the frame of the “chaire d’attractivité de l’Université Fédérale de Toulouse” attributed to Yves Chabal and the LAAS-CNRS NEO team, the MUSE project will explore a radically novel nano-engineering approach (called bottom-up nanoengineering) that has the potential to completely transform the way to design the next generation of advanced materials and performance-tailored systems that will be composed of several distinct and self-assembled heterogeneous building-blocks, (material components, as layers, molecules or nano-objects of any shape), in which each of them performs a different function.

The methodology is based on the development of theoretical and experimental methods & tools to derive a fundamental understanding of the nano world in order to enhance the performance of systems operating at the macroscale.