Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Technical staff

  • Alexandre ARNOULT (IR - Area responsible)
  • Guy LACOSTE (IE)

    The MBE area includes means of elaboration of GaAs based materials III/V semiconductors, as thin films, Quantum wells, dots or Nanowires.


    Bâti RIBER 2300 MBE chamber

    Effusion cells :
    Ga, In, Al
    H plasma c
    RHEED 20kV                           

    Mass spectrometer                                            
    Ion pump
    Turbo pump







    Bâti RIBER 32P MBE chamber

    Effusion cells : 
    Ga, In, 2xAl 
    As (cracker) 
    Si, Be 
    N plasma cell 
    RHEED 10kV                        
    Mass spectrometer 
    Dynamic accordable interferometry  Low temperature pyrometer     
    Ionic pump
    Cryo pump

    RIBER MBE 412 MBE chamber
    (new equipment since 2012) 


    Effusion cells :  
    2xGa, 2xAl, 2xIn 
    2x(As) cracker 
    Sb, Si, C (CBr4)  
    Valved N plasma cell               
    RHEED 12kV + KSA400   
    KSA BandiT 
    Mass spectrometer 
    Ionic pump 
    Cryo pump 

    Cluter robot : 

    Transfer chamber
    Load / unload
    Park chamber
    High temperature degasing chamber

    Dedicated characterization equipments

    UHV Auger Riber under UHV

    Room temperature photoluminescence

    High Resolution X-Ray diffractometer
    BRUKER D8 Discover (Da Vinci  design)

    Know how

    Epitaxy of Photonic components : 

    • GaAs/AlGaAs, GaInAs/ GaAs, GaInAsN/GaAs quantum well lasers
    • Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL), (Electro-Absorptive modulators (EAM)
    • Photonic Crystal based lasers

    Epitaxy on (100), (111) B, (111) A  surfaces
    Epitaxy of dilute nitride alloys on differently oriented  surfaces. 
    Epitaxy of  SK InAs/GaAs quantum dots
    Surface preparation for regrowth