MILE - MIcro-Nanofluidics for Life science and Environment

Head: Pierre Joseph
PhD student representative: Paul BRUAND

The MILE team is conducting research in microfluidics, an emerging technology that is revolutionizing biotechnology and chemical analysis.

Our work involves manipulating microvolumes of fluid on miniaturized chips, and relies on expertise in small-scale flows and microfabrication.

The main application fields are health (cancer control, regenerative medicine, ...) and the environment (measurement of water quality, ...).

Presntation of MILE team

A major research axis deals with the development of new fluidic functions (cell sorting, DNA concentration, etc.), and their integration into a complete lab-on-chip. We also develop (bio)mimetic model systems, in order to decipher complex processes of biology or industry (transport of drugs from blood to tumors, filtration, ...).

See Research Topics page for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us.

MILE team - June 2019


NEWS - After coordinating the organization of 2017 Microfluidics Summer School, we are associated to the 2019 edition that will take palce in Sète, 13-18 October 2019.

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