Micro and Nanotechnologies Platform

This platform is part of the national network of 7 large technological facilities and Basic Technological Research (BTR) Renatech in micro and nanotechnologies. Since April 2007, a clean room of 1500 m2 of Class 10,000 and 100, has been built thanks to the funding from the Midi-Pyrenees Region, CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research) and French National Agency for the BTR Network. These pooled facilities allow integration of new devices for energy management, telecommunications, chemistry and biology, the development of specific technology to the production of demonstrators on the basis of flexible chains. 


LAAS-CNRS micro and nano technologies platform is one of the 5 national platforms of the  network

It offers access to its equipments that allow the elaboration, patterning, processing of materials for the prototyping of micro and nano components in various technological fields

Management and development of infrastructure, equipment and processes; support for research projects is provided by the TEAM service

Follow this link to access the list of all equipment and browse by choosing categories that are of interest to your project 


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For any request, contact us: renatech@laas.fr



The LAAS-CNRS micro and nanotechnology platform has implemented an auditable billing procedure for certified tariffs.

All the actions of the certification procedure are accessible on the HAL LAAS portal (HAL Id: hal-03187772, version 1)

You can download the fee schedule published in the CNRS Official Bulletin