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25-29 Jun 2023

MEMS Team had its representatives at the 22nd International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (Transducers 2023) held in in Kyoto, Japan. 

Ali Maziz had a poster presentation, while Ilona Lecerf and Aleksandra Marković gave oral presentations.

20-22 Jun 2023

The EMAPS Cardio consortium has gathered in the beautiful city of Porto to discuss the project achievements made over the last few months. The meeting was hosted by partner BIOFABICS - 3D BIOTISSUE ANALOGUES. Eight international partners from across Europe have gathered for exchange, discussions and planning of the next steps in the project.

15-16 Jun 2023

MEMS team outing!

Members of the team have spent two days in Créaloux, Lot. 

06 Jun 2023


Clément Cointe has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled: "Électrodes implantables à base de biomatériaux résorbables pour la cartographie de l'activité électrique du cerveau". Congratulations!

25 Feb 2023

Venkata Suresh Vajrala's work was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics:

A need exists for developing new technological solutions for obtaining highly selective and stealthy electrodes that provide reliable neural integration and maintain neuronal viability. The paper reports a novel Hollow Ring-like type electrode to sense and/or stimulate neural activity from three-dimensional neural networks. Due to its unique design, the ring electrode architecture enables easy and reliable access of the electrode to three-dimensional neural networks with reduced pressure on the biological tissue, while providing improved electrical interface with  neural cells.

27 Jan 2023

Refik Yilmaz's work was published in the ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces:

The development of a cost-efficient braille device is a crucial challenge in haptic technology to improve the integration of visually impaired people. This paper reports a development of a soft actuator based on a thermosensitive gel as well as a single-pin braille setup where the actuation is performed thanks to a temperature control of a microporous gel cylinder. 

15 Dec 2022

Aleksandra Marković has received the Best Poster Award at the 21st International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2022) which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) from December 12th to 15th 2022.

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Dec 2022

MEMS team members visit LiMMS Tokyo for initiating new collaboration. Christian Bergaud, Vincent Mansard and Ali Mazis were welcomed by Dr. Salles, Kim Sensei and other host professors of LiMMS - the International Research Institution on MEMS and NEMS during one week when they discussed potential collaborations. 

17 Oct 2022 

Welcome Lorraine Haim to our group!

03 Oct 2022

Welcome Jeanne Perrussel to our team!

Jeanne joined MEMS team as a PhD student and will be working on neural probes for brain recording and stimulation.

22 Sept 2022

Asma Eddarir has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled: "Conception et réalisation d'un dispositif tridimensionnel à matrice de microélectrodes pour la mesure électrophysiologique et la détection pH d'une culture neuronale in vitro"!

01 Sept 2022

Constandina Arvantis has joined our team as a permanent researcher. Welcome! 

To overcome the challenges associated with the complexity of in vivo systems,  Dina has embarked on the development of organoid platforms to enable systemic approaches to model crosstalk between the nervous system and the heart. Her long term goals include the development of the first real-time system to study the impact of modulating the frequency of low-magnitude mechanical stimulation on neuronal activity.

09 May 2022

Venkata Suresh Vajrala presented his work at MRS spring meeting in Hawaii!

04 May 2022 

Ilona Lecerf's work has been published in the EPJ ST:

03 May 2022 

José Elias Angulo Cervera's article has been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C:

18 Mar 2022 

Lucien Schwab's work was recently published in Microsystems & Nanoengineering:

16 Feb 2022 

Clément Cointe published an article on ultrathin flexible neural probes based on silk-parylene bilayer:

26 Nov 2022 

Check out the work done by Venkata Suresh Vajrala published in Frontiers in Biengineering and Biotechnology:

25 Nov 2021 

Congratulations to Aarushee Rangra on her Ph.D. degree!

12 Mar 2021 

Congratulations to Valentin Saunier on his Ph.D. degree!

30 Sept 2020 

Congratulations to Douglas Silva de Vasconcello on his Ph.D. degree!

25 Sept 2020 

Congratulations to Lucien Schwab on his Ph.D. degree!

12 Oct 2018 

Congratulations to Jean Cacheux on his Ph.D. degree!

21 Sept 2018 

Congratulations to Cécile Fuinel on her Ph.D. degree!

26 June 2018 

Jean’s latest results published in ACS Sensors is highlighted on the INSIS CNRS website (

22 May 2018 

Congrats to Ali who successfully passed the concours CNRS section 28 audition!!! We are proud to welcome another permanent researcher in the MEMS team!

22 Mar 2018 

MEMS team day! Enjoying team building activities, having a delicious lunch and fun time at adventure rooms…

10 Oct 2017 

The book chapter "Ionic Electrochemical Actuators" from Ali Maziz, Aiva Simaite, Christian Bergaud is about to be published in"Polymerized Ionic Liquids, Chapter: Ionic Electrochemical Actuators" (Royal Society of Chemistry, pp.456 - 488, 2017, DOI: 10.1039/9781788010535-00456)

10 Oct 2017 

"A review on mechanical considerations for chronically-implanted neural probes" by Aziliz Lecomte, Emeline Descamps, Christian Bergaud published in Journal of Neural Engineering (DOI: 10.1088/1741-2552/aa8b4f)

11 May 2017 

Dolores’ new paper “A Bistable Microelectromechanical System Actuated by Spin Crossover Molecules” published in Angewandte Chemie is now online (

12 Jan 2017 

Bernard’s new paper “Multi-MHz micro-electro-mechanical sensors for atomic force microscopy” accepted in Ultramicroscopy is now online! (

30 Jul 2016 

Pattamon’s new paper “Nanofluidic Fluorescence Microscopy (NFM) for real-time monitoring of protein binding kinetics and affinity studies” accepted in Biosensors & Bioelectronics is now online (

05 Dec 2016 

Congratulations to Aziliz Lecomte for her Ph.D. degree!

01 Nov 2016 

We welcome Vincent Mansard as a CNRS researcher in the MEMS team!!!

22 Nov 2016 

Congratulations to Yingning He for his Ph.D. degree!

26 Oct 2016 

Congratulations to Sabrina Habtoun for her Ph.D. degree!

12 Oct 2016 

Aziliz is awarded the L’Oréal-Unesco award “For Women in Science”

07 Sept 2016 

Aziliz Lecomte received the Best Student Poster Award at the 2016 Eurosensors in Budapest for her work on biostability assessment of Parylene-based implantable sensors