A Makers' day at LAAS-CNRS: 3D Printing, from nanometer to meter

Friday, 16 June, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30

On this June 13th, the FabLAAS organized a "Makers' Day" dadicated to the members of LAAS-CNRS, all teams and technical departments combined, so that they can share their knowledge about rapid prototyping. This day, jointly hosted with the laser lithography zone of the clean room and the Multifab platform of the I2C service, had "3D Printing, from nanometer to meter" as its theme.

The day brought together 70 members of the laboratory's various departments, who attended a rich and lively program:

  • a presentation on the specifics of 3D printing at the lab ;
  • an introductory course related to 3D printing ;
  • a "speed-maker" : 20 "makers" presented their prototypes in 2 minutes ;
  • an exhibition and demonstrations of prototypes: 25 exhibitors from the majority of scientific departments of LAAS-CNRS including ROB, HOPES, MNBT and GE.

The afternoon was reserved for visits to the 3D printing platforms (FabLAAS, MultiFab, clean room litho laser zone).