Magnetic handling and separation

Handling of magnetic beads (and species they can target) is often realized with permanent magnets, coils, or even integrated planar microcoils. However, these tools can reach a limit when it comes to cell resolution control. Hybrid systems, which combine both permanent magnets and integrated coils, can offer more advanced functions (repulsion forces) and are a promising choice to deal with magnetic actuation at micro scale.

Hybrid systems include external permanent magnets for the generation of a high and homogenous magnetic field, and integrated micro-coils producing locally a high gradient. Using  DF-1000 series dry films photoresists lamination, we designed and built devices enabling magnetic actuation at cell resolution, with attraction and repulsion possibilities, and more exotic functions like focusing. Microfluidic structures are obtained by lamination. We demonstrated also cell separation and trapping.

Magnetic Handling

On-chip magnetic trapping



Multilevel (3d) lab on chipfor implementing reconfigurable magnetophoretic functionalities,
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