Ludovic Marigo-Lombart awarded by a Renatech Thesis Prize

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019

The the november 27th, Ludovic Marigo-Lombart, former PhD student within the PHOTO - Photonics team, has been rewarded the 4th RENATECH Thesis Prize during the French symposium on Emerging Technologies for Micronanofabrication (JNTE 2019).

This RENATECH Thesis prize rewards an outstanding work in micro-nanofabrication accomplished by a PhD student during his thesis work. On this occasion, Ludovic has presented as an invited speaker his PhD work at the JNTE 2019 symposium, which took place at Grenoble, France.

Ludovic graduated in 2018 with a double doctoral degree (Cotutelle) between the Université de Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) in the photonics and optoelectronic systems specialities.

His PhD thesis entitled « Vertical integration of an electro-absorption modulator onto a VCSEL for high-speed communications »  was carried out at the LAAS-CNRS, under the co-direction of Guilhem Almuneau and Prof. Krassimir Panajotov at TONA-VUB. During his PhD, Ludovic developed innovative technologies which have enable to demonstrate a new photonic device, integrating monolithically a vertical cavity laser (VCSEL) and an electro-absorption modulator, leading to state-of-the-art performances and potentially beneficial for high-speed optical fiber communications links at more than 100 Gbit/s data rates.

Today, Ludovic joined as a R&D engineer the II-VI Laser Enterprise, a leading semiconductor lasers manufacturer in Zürich, Switzerland.




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