Laying the first stone


June 15, 2010 was the day of the official launch of Adream program. Following the scientific day organized at LAAS was laid the first stone of the building Adream in the presence of persons representing the institutions and organizations that funded the project. From left to right: Martin Malvy, President of the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées, Thierry Cotelle, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, representing the Urban Community of Greater Toulouse, Armelle Barelli, regional delegate of the CNRS in Midi-Pyrenees, Raja Chatila, director of LAAS and Dominique Bur, prefect of the Midi-Pyrénées region.







The ceremony consisted, according to a tradition that has its source in the Middle Ages, the signing of a parchment, which was slipped into a glass tube and then inserted into a granite stele. Instead of a "stone", it is a work of glass that has been placed on the stele. It will find its place in the lobby of the building once constructed. The work resumed in the spirit of the Adream logo, that symbolizes the dual profile of the project: a research program and a dedicated experimental building, instrumented object search. The left side of the logo represents the carrier concept program, a network of interconnections. The right side gives perspective and transforms the concept in volume building. It also includes two aspects related to two different technologies: embedded on the left and photovoltaic panels on the right profile profile systems.







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