Launch of the regional platform PROOF

Wednesday, 7 October, 2020

The first steering committee of the PROOF platform, « Platform of Reliability tOOls for Failure analysis dedicated to wide bandgap devices » took place on October 7 at the LAAS-CNRS. The studies of this platform aim at developing renewable energies to protect our environment.

New generations of so-called "wide gap" semiconductor components (Gallium Nitride, Silicon Carbide, Diamond) are a real technological breakthrough for many application areas: energy conversion, telecommunications, etc... These components will be studied in this platform with the development of new means of characterization to understand the physical mechanisms of these promising technologies.

This project is financed up to 2.3 M€ by funds from the Occitanie Region, industrial partners (Continental/Vitesco Technologies, Exagan, IRT Saint Exupéry, Thalès Alenia Space, Spherea) and the LAAS-CNRS.

DMany departments of LAAS-CNRS with various scientific themes are involved in this project: GE, HOPES and MNBT with the support of the I2C technical service.