Lateral porous silicon membranes for lab-on-a-chip

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We have developed a method for the fabrication of lateral porous silicon membranes and their monolithic integration into planar microfluidics, as opposed to classical porous silicon membranes with perpendicular pores that are used in hybrid 3D fluidic systems. Our approach is based on the use of locally patterned electrodes to guide pore formation horizontally within the membrane in combination with locally doped substrates to spatially localize the porous silicon within the channel depth. Membranes with lateral pores were successfully fabricated by this method and their functionality was demonstrated by conducting filtering experiments, electrokinetic molecular pre-concentration and interferometric sensing. This work constitutes the first step in demonstrating the interest of porous silicon for all-in-one sample preparation and biosensing into planar lab on a chip for health care applications.


Contact: T. Leichle

Selective list of publication:

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