Job opportunities

LAAS working force is made of CNRS Researchers, Faculty Members, Engineers, Technicians, Administrative Clerks, PhD Students, Post-docs, as well as associated researchers, visitors and researchers in sabbatical year.

To work at LAAS please take a look at different job opportunities:




  • This is the thesis topics offered by the laboratory for a doctoral program in the third round for the next academic year.
  • The duration of a thesis is three years.
  • PhD subjects are presented with the name of the manager you need to contact if you wish to apply.
  • Financing PhD thesis


Increase your chances of being selected by writing a specific letter of motivation that  explains your choice of the internship subject relative to your skills. Specify why your curriculum, courses, and internships in the past justify your interest in this subject, and why you are the best person to complete it. Any application including a template cover letter will be ignored.