IT Ressources

Intranet sysadmin


General IT Resources management has several components :

Systems and Networks

The IDEA system administrators team ( sysadmin ) manages IT infrastructure, network and IP telephony. In accordance with the direction and researchers , it defines laboratory IT policy , deploys and operates all hardware and software. It provides assistance and training to users. It now manages 90 servers (Windows, Linux) , more than 1,200 workstations under UNIX , Windows and Mac0S spread in the laboratory. This network offers all members of the laboratory services such as storage, access to databases, email, backup, WiFi access and the provision of a large number of software (simulation, office, compilers, CAD simulators ... ) .

Information System

The Information system team has to develop the information system in the laboratory by merging  coordinated information into databases  and make them accessible through web applications. These applications enable processing of information in different areas of personnel management, contractual relations, publications for documentation, public relations for communication ...

Web sites

A last team is responsible of management of the official website, and of the development and hosting of specific sites for research projects or conferences involving researchers from the laboratory. The team therefore has the responsibility of LAAS Web server. It defines its general architecture and security, and it ensures its development and maintenance.