Scientific and Technical Information - Publishing (STI-PUB)


Scientific and Technical Information (IST)

The Information Center is articuled around four main axes :

  • The library, collections of scientific journals, the laboratory's publications.

    These collections are managed electronically and can be accessed from any computer in the laboratory.

  •     Access to information via databases or resource portals.
  •     The management, the diffusion and the valorization of the laboratory's publications is ensured via the HAL-LAAS portal.
  •     Collaboration with libraries and documentation centers: inter-library loans, document exchanges.

The CNRS has an Open Research Data Department, DDOR, which federates the IST policy of the CNRS.

The Scientific and Technical Information-Publishing Department (IST-EDI) is organized to facilitate the activity of the researcher, consumer of information and producer of information. The service is in charge of obtaining all the documents indicated in the databases that are not available in the library (purchases, loans or exchanges between libraries).

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PAO-Edition service

An integrated print service equipped with photocopiers, color printers and finishing equipment allows the reproduction of all the laboratory's productions.
A production and graphic design manager provides the laboratory's staff with his skills for the elaboration and printing of documents such as posters, booklets, calls for communication, ...

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Conditions of access

The access is reserved to :

  •     LAAS-CNRS staff
  •     IST and library professionals