Scientific and Technical Information - Publishing (STI-PUB)

Head: Anne Bergez

The vocation of service Scientific and Technical Information (STI) is to provide staff and members of the LAAS Club Affiliates genuine access to information service.

The Scientific and Technical Information (STI)

IST is based on four pillars:

  • The library includes a reference works funds, collections of scientific journals, the publications fund the laboratory, the fund documents obtained under the exchange between library and documentation (research reports, theses). These funds are managed electronically and accessible from any computer workstation in the laboratory.
  • Access to information via databases and databases of commercial servers via Internet services.
  • Management and dissemination of publications of the laboratory. They are promoted by disseminating lists in paper form and via a server on the Internet.
  • Collaboration with libraries and documentation centers: inter-library loan, document exchange.

The Scientific and Technical Information Service-Publishing (STI-PUB) is organized to facilitate the researcher's work, information and consumer information producer. In-built premises in 1995, 450 m2 were assigned to a new library which are available a fund of 8000 works (which should be enriched by 300 volumes/year) and a collection of 500 journals subscriptions some dating back to the creation laboratory. In addition some 15,000 books are distributed throughout the lab. The service is responsible for obtaining all documents reported in databases not available in library (purchases, loans or exchanges between libraries).

CNRS has a direction of scientific and technical information, DIST, which brings together policy STI CNRS.

Contact: Anne Bergez, Arlette Evrard, Emilie Marchand

Disciplines covered

  • Automatic and Signal Processing
  • Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry

The books in the library are arranged according to the classification: classification.pdf

Areas for filing articles (HAL) and theses (TEL) on the server CCSD

  • Article: choose one or more areas of HAL click here
  • Thesis: select one or more fields of TEL click here


  • 500 subscriptions
  • 8000 books, theses, conference
  • 20000 publications LAAS

Conditions of access

Restricted access to

  • staff LAAS,
  • the members of the LAAS Club Affiliates,
  • professionals STI and library.


Publishing-DTP (PUB)

An integrated printing with copying, color printers and finishing equipment allows the reproduction of all the productions of the laboratory.
An assistant engineer in DTP offers to personal laboratory skills for the development and printing of documents, such as posters, booklets, calls for papers, ...
The service is open, under certain conditions, to other laboratories.
Contact: Dominique Daurat, Building E, room E15 as 05 61 33 69 81.