Infrastructures and Support


Infrastructures :

Thierry DO CONTO (AI)

Support :

Christine FOURCADE (T)
Vinciane LUQUE (T)

The commissioning to the LAAS of a new clean room; first of 700 m² in 2005 then 800 additional m² in 2007; has marked a strong evolution in the complexity of the infrastructure. It has a structure, similar to those in the Middle «industrial» manufacturing of electronic components. 

In a 4 levels building with a 1500 m² footprint, ground floor hosts the production and fluid management systems. 
Depending on their nature, these fluids run to the equipment in specialized lines, under a false floor. 

At the third level the cleanroom of 10000 and 100 classes, with temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere. It hosts the equipment dedicated to extremely dependent environmental conditions research projects. 

The fourth level consists of a plenum to which 4 CTA deal with 70,000 m 3/hour of air. One hundred twenty-six independent filtration systems reflect this "pre cleaned" air and provide it in the cleanroom through absolute filters. Three extractors (volume total 40 000 m 3 per hour) complete the ventilation system. 
All this are added the means necessary for scientific equipment, treatment of gaseous and liquid releases, the central vacuum systems, fire detection, and gas safety. 
This structure is operated by the support of the "infrastructure and support” area. 


Preventive and curative air networks and fluid maintenance: 

  • Air treatment (maintenance carried out in collaboration with the Logistics Department and a maintenance company)
  •  DI water production water
  •  Central cooling water
  •  Pure gases plants
  •  Safety gas system 
  •  Fluid: Air dry, vacuum
  •  Centralized Aspiration


  • Technical assistance: ensure the interface between equipment and the collective network
  • CAD of the ancillary installations: fluids, air treatment, ..
  • Coaching external companies in the clean room (compliance with the specifications and control of safety rules and contamination)
  • Advertising reviews


  • Reception and transfer of equipment
  • Gas management
  • Management of consumables: filter, connecting hardware

Quality control 

  • Control cleanroom class: atmosphere, workstation security


  • Management of cleanroom clothing (185 outfits and 80 gowns)
  • Management of consumables, small safety equipment
  • Enter and follow-up of purchase orders (in support of the management service)
  • Preparation of the visits of the cleanroom
  • Management of the clean room users


Building structure        

Air treatment system  

Aeraulic network 



Extraction network 


DI water production      


Cooling system 


Centralized aspiration 


Chemical stock                 


Process gas plants