"Human-Robot Joint Action Refining the understanding of joint action through an interdisciplinary perspective" - Paris,

Wednesday, 19 September, 2018
Lieu : Amphithéâtre Marie Curie - CNRS - Campus Gérard Mégie
3 rue Michel-Ange
75016 - PARIS - France

In both professional and home contexts, the extensive development of human-robot interactions (HRI) has brought numerous theoretical and empirical questions as to the way robots and humans can work together cooperatively and share the space and the task. To designrobotics architecture  for interactions with humans, researchers seek (1) to identify and describe the elements allowing to establish and maintain mutual understanding between humans and robots during joint action, and (2) to explore the relationships between actions and intentions through the notion of commitment, which structures the interaction.


This workshop will bring together researchers in robotics, philosophy, and psychology, who have been contributing for several years in their respective discipline to research in the joint action domain. 

Our scientific objective is twofold. First, we aim to highlight the richness but also the inherent complexity of studying joint action from an interdisciplinary perspective: how is joint actionactually defined depending on the authors' background and objectives? To what extent do these definitions overlap with those of cooperationcollaborationor coordination, and how does it influence, more or less explicitly, empirical studies in HRI?

Second, we aim to provide an overview of recent progress in joint action research in the above-mentioned disciplines. We will discuss the factors allowing robots to interact socially with humans, by considering both the behavioral level and inferences about mental states. These factors include for example joint attention skills, gestural communication, motivational states, motor representation and memory systems.


Registration : https://www.azur-colloque.fr/DR14/inscription/inscription/114