Hosting projects procedure

The human (TEAM service) and technological resources (micro and nano technologies platform) support internal LAAS research actions, but also external applications as part of the RENATECH network.
For any project, it is necessary to register on the network website:

  • Member of the LAAS

Your request needs to be formalized under the COMTEAM. You will find all the necessary documents for the establishment of this application on the intranet page of the TEAM service . Please contact the manager of the service to establish this claim.

  • Outside of the LAAS

The laboratory has a long history of collaborations with academic and industrial partners. The micro and nano technologies platform supports numerous external projects.

Either you are academic or industrial we formalized a procedure to have the best possible interaction in order to define your project and its eventual realization.


Sending an e-mail to:

Then subscribing to :
Your request will be analyzed by a group of experts who will tell you the feasibility and will connect you with the person who will coordinate your project.

Expertise of the project

Iterations with the LAAS-CNRS staff will clarify, feasibility, technological steps, costs, timing, training and / or reception of persons within the platform for the project. During these iterations you will benefit all the technical and scientific expertise of the laboratory to develop a most successful project.
A document bringing together all these elements will be validated by both parties before realization starts.


Once the agreement of both parties formalized and signed, the work is done in the micro and nano technologies platform.
At the end of the work, the real cost of the operations is sent to the applicant for establishment of an order.
Upon reception of this order, LAAS will send you an invoice.

Hosting people

Depending on the nature of the work to drive, people outside LAAS-CNRS can be formed and received. In this case a hosting agreement is established and the formation of the person is supported by TEAM staff.
LAAS is with restricted access: the hosting of any external person requires the agreement of the national defense officer. Official agreement can need a 2 months delay.

Work promotion

When the work will be completed the applicant undertakes to answer a satisfaction questionnaire.
To disseminate Renatech network activities to other eventual applicants, when the provided support by the LAAS-CNRS Renatech platform allows publications (magazines, seminars, etc.) the applicant undertakes:

  • to explicitly mention in the acknowledgments the offered support in the publication, or through a phrase such as "this work was supported by the LAAS-CNRS technology platform, Member of the Renatech network".
  • to inform the platform of these publications, or to answerdemands of the platform if it issues a query to dispose of such information.

For more information on this procedure your contacts are:
The email:
Monique Dilhan : RENATECH desk manager at LAAS-CNRS