Hélène Waeselynck receives a 10-year most influential paper award

Tuesday, 23 November, 2021 - 00:00 to 23:30

Hélène Waeselynck, research within the Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance - TSF team at LAAS-CNRS has received a 10-year most influential paper award from the journal on Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM). This award has been announced at the ACM/IEEE 24th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2021) which held virtually on  October, from 10 to 15. The conference organized a plenary session for the invited presentation of her paper intitled « The Many Meanings of UML 2 Sequence Diagrams: a Survey » and published by SoSyM in 2011.

The paper results from a joint work with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) in the framework of the ReSIST (Resilience for survivability in IST) European Network of Excellence 2006-2009 coordinated by LAAS-CNRS.
The two authors of the paper, Zoltàn Micskei at BUTE and Hélène Waeselynck of TSF team at LAAS-CNRS, studied the semantics of UML sequence diagrams, that is the mathematical meaning of such diagrams. Indeed, a diagram may be assigned different meanings, depending on the intended usage. The paper proposes a categorization of the semantic choices and illustrates their consequences on the interpretation of diagrams. This work impacted the many researchers and practitioners who use UML sequence diagrams in various scientific communities (as software engineering, system engineering, cybersecurity, etc.) and in various application domains such as dependable computing, networking and communication.

Read more on Hélène's work on her page.