Finalists of the Kuka Innovation Award 2017

Friday, 16 December, 2016


The Tele-MAGMaS international research team led by Antonio Franchi (CR1 at LAAS-CNRS, RIS team) has been selected among the five finalists for the Kuka Innovation Award 2017. The team, which has members from LAAS-CNRS, the University of Siena, Seoul National University and CNRS at IRISA, is addressing search and rescue operations in regions which are difficult to access or dangerous following disasters. For this, they take advantage of both stationary and flying robots which collaboratively can carry and position objects.


Left: Antonio Franchi, leader of the Tele-MAGMaS team. Right: Nicolas Staub and Davide Bicego, main members of the team at LAAS-CNRS.

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