Experimental Building

The objective of the ADREAM project is to build technologies and systems approaches necessary networking massive instrumented and intelligent objects with sensors, actuators and processors. The project provides open platforms for hosting research projects, including integrating robots which can evolve throughout the building and surroundings. Mobile robots being tested have required appropriate adjustments (gentle slopes, wide corridors, lifts), including the exterior of the building.

The building is separate from the other LAAS buildings but connected to the closer one with in a gallery on the first floor which provides access continuity between all buildings in the laboratory. The lobby serves different entities: local research design and experimentation, research facilities related to the optimization of photovoltaic and local tertiary energy.



Alain Bayle
Architecte, Cabinet Archéa architectes
"Le premier bâtiment à énergie positive du CNRS".
See his presentation of the building (2 minutes 50)




  •      Area: 1,700 m²
  •      Technical facilities: 500 m²
  •      Office: 700 m²
  •      Roof and facade photovoltaic: 100 kWp
  •      PV area: 720 m²
  •      Architect: Cabinet Archea Architects


  •      Start of construction: June 2010
  •      Delivery of the building, installation of platforms: December 2011
  •      Host the 1st project: January 2012


Contract 2007-2010 State-Region Project

  •      European Union (45%) 3,200,000 euros
  •      Midi-Pyrénées (35%) 2 000 500
  •      Communauté du grand Toulouse (14%) 1 000 000
  •      CNRS (7%) 500 000 euros

Laying the first stone