Energy Platform SYNERGY


Objectives of the platform

Instrumented experimental building for the implementation and testing of energy management technologies (hardware and software) within a context of renewable energies and storage technologies deployment

  • Test of new technologies in real conditions
  • Massive introduction of renewable energies: intermittency management
  • Advanced energy management technologies: optimization between production, consumption and storage

Proposed services

  • Access to the dedicated characterization platform, to associated technical support and experimental equipment (solar cells, batteries, inverters, software, etc.) for the testing of new technologies in real conditions.
  • Access to the database issued from the 6000 sensors :  SYNDREAM open data platform (
  • Hosting and training of visiting researchers.


Access procedure

  • Academic partner or collaborative project: Contribution to marginal costs (fluids, infrastructure fees, software, small equipment…)
  • Industrial company with a direct contract: Contribution to the cost of involved staff, to marginal costs and to depreciation costs of equipment

Scientific and technical means

  • Experimental building “Living lab” 1700m2
  • 6000 sensors/actuators and associated data base:
  • 100kWp photovoltaic production
  • Storage: Pb (900 kWh) and Li-ion (60 kWh) batteries, supercapacitors (286 Wh)
  • Dedicated characterization platform
  • Geothermics: Canadian well and vertical geothermics managed by three heat pumps
  • Three supervision systems: Lighting, Ambient Temperature Control, Energy production/consumption
  • Resources:
    • Personnel: 4 engineers + 2 technicians
    • Total investment: Building: 5.2M€ - Equipment: 2.17 M€