Daniel Estève, former director of LAAS-CNRS, passed away

Sunday, 9 June, 2019 - 00:00 to 23:30


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Daniel ESTEVE has been for many of us a mentor, a colleague, a friend...

Above all, he was a man of conviction, a great researcher, with a free, sincere and committed spirit and speech, who taught us so much. He did an immense pioneering work in technologies, supported by a luminous intuition: contrary to his reputation as a scattered, even draft researcher, Daniel Estève was a perfectly coherent scientist, working throughout his life on the miniaturization of systems and embedded intelligence.

50 years of experience in research, team management and industrial relations have allowed him to take a marvelous look at the progress made since his beginnings in 1960. Among his contributions, let us remember the flagship European project BARMINT (Basic research for microsystems integration) which enabled LAAS to be at the origin of the European authorities' awareness of the emergence of microsystems. NEXUS, European network in microsystems. PROMETHEUS, which was a major European project behind most of the on-board electronic services we know today on our vehicles. Not to mention, in more recent years, the European µPYROS project born from his "crazy" idea of integrating energetic materials on silicon to create localized and powerful drives.

Good dear Daniel, you have acted, you have had successes, you have been honoured (CNRS silver medal 1979, academic palms in 1981, Blondel medal), so you have not missed your destiny. For many of us, you will remain a reference. I join with all those who have been around you, appreciated to show you my friendship and gratitude.

From Carole Rossi,
former PhD student (1994-1997) and CNRS Research Director at LAAS-CNRS