Colloque Franco-Norvégien "BioPhysAdh" - Toulouse

Monday, 10 September, 2018 to Tuesday, 11 September, 2018


Biophysics of microbial surfaces is a key investigation domain to understand the molecular basis of biofilm formation.

Innovative technologies open up new avenues for characterizing, at the molecular scale, interactions between microbes and surfaces, materials other microbes, or biofilms.

The first session of this meeting will be dedicated to recent development and findings on the molecular factors implied in microbial adhesion. The second one will focus on single molecule technics including atomic force microscopy, optical tweezers, PALM, STORM, super resolution microscopy etc. The third session will aim at describing the life style modifications occurring during the maturation of biofilms. Finally a last session will be devoted to materials in contact with microbes and the research performed to develop smart and safe surfaces and processes.

The aim of this meeting is to gather French and Norwegian specialists of microbial adhesion with a special focus on biophysical interactions occurring at the interface.

This topic is of interest in different application fields including but not limited to: food industry, transport, human and animal health, oil production, antifouling materials etc.


December 11th:  Abstract submission opens