The cognitive and interactive robot: toward a robot companion

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RIS investigates decisional and multi-modal interaction for a robot in presence and even in synergy with humans.

One key element, in the approach, is that the human is explicitly taken into account in the system. We have developed a complete robot control architecture adapted to human robot interaction and investigated various issues such as a supervision system dedicated to collaborative task achievement as well as models and algorithms for human aware task and motion planning.

Several aspects have been considered such as efficiency and safety in task performance but also acceptability and legibility of robot behavior. New original concepts have been identified and developed through an effective collaboration with several partners

Motion planning in presence and/or in cooperation with human has also received special attention. We have developed a Human Aware Navigation Planner as well as a Human Aware Manipulation Planner, which are based on these user studies, and which produce not only physically safe paths but also comfortable and legible paths.

One salient result is the integration of all the developments in one complete robot systems. This allows us to build and deploy a first and coherent global approach of the robot companion paradigm.

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(not so) Recent theses

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