Christophe Vieu and Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa, laureates of 5th wave of 2019 CNRS premature program

Friday, 17 January, 2020 - 00:00 to 23:30

Following the 5th wave of "pre-maturity" program of CNRS1, presented in 2019 October, 11 projects have been selected two of wich are led by Christophe Vieu, from ELiA's team and Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa from ISGE's team.

COMBIOPSIE, Liquid biopsy method combining the isolation of several biomarkers from a microvolume of blood

Christophe Vieu, researcher within the Engineering in Life Science Applications - ELiA's team and professor at INSA proposes in his project to carry out a quantified study for the industrialization of the manufacturing process of a medical analysis device based on the combined capture of several circulating biomarkers of interest in oncology. These would operate directly on blood without any prior preparation step, making it compatible with clinical routine.

OwnTech, Open source poWer ElectroNics TECHnology

Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa, teacher-researcher within the Power Management System Integration - ISGE's team and at the Paul Sabatier Univertsity develops a modular power electronics which is composed of 4 functional blocks: a converter, its embedded software, an energy management software and an algorithm dedicated to machine learning. The pre-maturity action has two objectives. The first one is to realize a demonstrator integrating the 4 blocks and to propose an open-source and versatile technological suite allowing the management of power flows coming from different current sources (DC or AC) and to adapt them according to the need (batteries, photovoltaic, small wind, LED...). The second is to launch an international community of users of this technology suite.

The selected projects propose technological innovations in fields ranging from pharmaceutical chemistry to energy and the environment, engineering and materials. All winning projects will benefit from frinancial support and ad hoc pre-maturity support from the CNRS.

To continue, find all laureates on the CNRS website and his Innovation Newwsletter

1The objective of the prematurity program set up by the CNRS is to support the very first stages of development of emerging projects with high innovation potential. The aim is to support the pre-maturity stage by providing recommendations and the financial means to do so.