Characterization Platform

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Platform characterization LAAS (1200 m²) groups, mutualizes and organizes all means of characterization of micro and nano-systems laboratory in the fields of electrical, microwave, optical and chemistry and biology.

Platform hosting the activity characterization of 11 research groups and 4 start-up with technical support I2C service and coordinated by a steering committee.

Electrical characterization, ESD and energy management


This area includes the means test and electrical characterization of micro and nanosystems in DC and low frequencies such domain: IV, CV, impedance measurement (up to 110 MHz), parametric test, Hall effect, DLTS, thermography IR, etc. .. All of these actions can be performed on bare through 4 stations probing chips, or encapsulated devices. Are also available many tools to characterize ESD (electrostatic discharge).

Within the platform are grouped ADREAM the characterization means for classifying systems energy conversion systems and more particularly to photovoltaic management. To do this, a bench automatic characterization has been specially developed to conduct performance tests suited to photovoltaic requirements. Research platform has 8 test benches, allowing the connection of photovoltaic modules placed on the building. Banks also have access to local electrochemical storage (Lead acid battery, lithium, fuel cell).

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Microwave characterization









LAAS afford effector of S-parameter measurements probing from 9 kHz to 110 GHz and the upper band 140-220 GHz. Spectral measurements are possible probing the DC to 90 GHz. Several benches for measuring reliability of MEMS exist (cycling, thermal behavior under the RF power, ...) including the use of a cryogenic probing station controlled atmosphere.


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Optical characterization



This Area includes optical characterization experiments of researchers working in the fields of optics and photonics. These experiments include optical characterizations of semiconductor materials, characterizations of passive optical components (filters resonant networks, microcavities ...) and also active components (VCSELs, laser diodes, photodetectors, ...). For instance the following experiments are performed: room and low temperature PL and PLE, TFIR spectroscopy, I vs V, P laser vs I, laser divergence patterns, spectrum analysis, optical pumping of photonic crystal sources ... in visible and near infrared wavelenghts.

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ALIVE, characterization for chemistry and biology








This area includes the characterization means related to chemistry and biology to microelectronics. It comprises two culture laboratories (cellular and microbiological), a platform microscopy, handling means of polymers and nanoparticles, electrochemical equipment, ... It is located in an environment suitable for handling and storage of chemicals. In addition to these shared resources, benches closest experimental research areas of some teams of the laboratory: characterization of bio-NEMS, grafting of neuronal cells on transistors, cell sorting, ...

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