Characterization Area

Technical staff

The means of characterization in clean room allow studies and validation of the different step of process for component’s realization. This means are in free service after training. 
The characterizations of finished component are doing on the electrical characterization area. 



Means of Charactérization

AFM with force, thermal and electrical module 


Dual Beam (SEM + FIB) FEI Hélios 600i 



SEM Hitachi S4800 and MEBS3700N 





Mecanic profilmeter KLA Tencor 
P15 et P16+ 




Optical profilmeter Veeco 



Ellipsometer Horiba Jobin Yvon 



Resistivity meter 



Contact angle and surface energy measurement  



Métrologie du masqueur laser 
(in  lithographie laser



Confocal microscope 



Optical microscope 



Make know 

Observations at all scale (optical microscopy, SEM, AFM), physical characterization (ellipsometry, EDS in SEM), topography characterization (optical and mechanical profilometer), surface energy (water droplet contact angle).

AFM image of photonic crystal


AFM image of a membrane



3D image with the optical profilometer (MEMS-RF)



Topogrphy image (left) and leakage current (right) obtain with tunneling mode on NiFe/PTCTE/Co layer.