Biofunctionalization strategies

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We have developed various functionalization strategies to pattern materials ranging from polymers to biomolecules, that are especially suited for the biofunctionalization of MEMS for biosensing applications:

  • Bioplume is a picoliter droplet dispenser that relies on an array of silicon microcantilevers where liquid transfer is achieved by a direct contact of the cantilever tip and the surface. A high degree of control over the location and geometry of the fabricated patterns is ensured by incorporating force sensors and electroassisted deposition means (electrospotting) to the device.
  • A modified microcontact printing process is used as a back-end method for biofunctionalizing large-scale arrays of nanocantilevers. Molecules are delivered onto fragile freestanding structures from the grooves of the stamp while its base sits on the chip, thus providing mechanical stability.
  • Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP) used as a bioreceptor layer are integrated onto MEMS structures before their wet-etch release and patterned by photolithography. The stability and robustness of these biomimetic synthetic receptors offer an appropriate response in terms of integration compatibility and operating environment for MEMS biosensors.




L. Nicu/T. Leichle


  • T. Livache, CEA
  • K. Haupt, UTC

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