Architectures for Autonomous Robots

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Toward Robust and Dependable Architectures for Autonomous Robots

Recent developments, especially in service robots, put the robot in close vicinity and in direct physical interaction with humans. However, little has been achieved, until now, to address the issue of safety and dependability of robot software in such demanding context. It becomes critical to provide a formal approach which guarantees that safety rules and properties related to robot software components interactions are enforced. 
In the last years, we have teamed with VERIMAG and came up with an approach that combines their BIP (Behavior, Interaction, Priorities) component-based design approach with our modular architecture development approach. A result of this work is the synthesis of a BIP model of the complete functional layer of the DALA rover, which allows to: 

  • Generate a rover controller which is correct by construction and can be run by the BIP engine. 
  • Check if the model satisfies particular properties and constraints, by using a V&V (Verification and Validation) tools.


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