Application domains and industrial collaborations

The ROC teams expertise in solving combinatorial optimization problems in three major application areas: space, transportation/production/logistics and energy, the latter being inline with LAAS research axis “ADREAM”.


Scheduling experiments on a compet for the ROSETTA project

Space and aeronautics applications

With the proximity of CNES, Astrium and Thales Alenia Space, the team has developed many applications for space activities either linked with resource management in telecommunication or Earth observation satellites or related to optimization of scientific space experiments. The team also worked in disruption management for commercial aviation.

Some publications on space and aeronautics

Railway inspection scheduling


Transportation, production and logistics

Passenger and freight transportation face new challenges, linked to increase in transportation demand and the possibility of using various sources of data available in real time to optimize its management.  With two contracts with the MOBIGIS society, we developed algorithms for multimodal passenger transportation. For freight transportation, we currently work on a door-to-door transportation context, notably with the DHL company. We also worked in the context of a contract with SNCF on routing of maintenance vehicles on railways. We also carry-out research on production planning and scheduling and supply chain management, with an industrial collaboration with FAGOR.

Some publications on transportation production and logistics

Combinatorial optimizaiton approaches for energy source selection in hybrid vehicles

Energy-aware resource allocation and scheduling

The team is historically involved in resource allocation problems and production scheduling applications. Over the years the stakes of such applications have evolved towards a more responsible management of resources, in particular energy resources, inline with the LAAS research axis “ADREAM”. In production management (collaboration with FAGOR company), we aim at proposing energy-aware stock management policies.  The team has contracts with NEXTER to optimize the use of multiple sources of energy in hybrid electric vehicles. We also consider power-aware scheduling techniques for embedded systems, scheduling problems under energy production and consumption constraints.

Some publications on energy-aware resource allocation and scheduling