Algorithmic motion planning

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A strong axis of the research conducted in RIS concerns the algorithmic foundations of motion planning for complex articulated systems. We have contributed to the development of the sampling-based methods that have now emerged as an efficient framework for facing the high complexity of motion planning.  Our contributions concern the two main classes of methods:  the Probabilistic Roadmaps sampling algorithms (PRM) and the Random Trees diffusion variants (RRT) developed for solving multi-query and single-query problems, respectively. The obtained results allow to better face the complexity of the search spaces (constrained and highly dimensional) and of the mechanisms (closed-chain systems), as well as to incorporate additional motion constraints (dynamic obstacles, path quality and uncertainty).

We devote substantial efforts to planning and control problems of manipulation tasks in human environment. We have built a planner capable of synthesizing a complete manipulation task defined by an object to grasp and to hand over to a human. 

We also addressed the challenging issue of bridging the gap between symbolic and geometric reasoning. We have extended our work on the manipulation planning problem and come up with a general framework to solve intricate motion, manipulation and task planning problems.  We introduced a new extension to classical action planning formalisms with a rigorously defined interaction between action and motion planning. On this formal basis, we have built a planner that is able to solve intricate geometric and symbolic constraints that are not solved by any other planner. It is worth noting that the concept of manipulation planning that we have developed has inspired a number of new algorithms and geometric reasoning approaches. 

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