The ADREAM Project

Networking massive objects and intelligent agents:


Hardware, software, networks and robotics continuing their strong evolution, Adream project aims both to develop these areas, to anticipate future synergies between them, prepare the tools needed for this design, and propose the first experiments relating thereto.
Adream thus lies in the emerging problem of ubiquitous systems and autonomous mobile agents located in environments with communication infrastructure for both fixed and mobile resource constraints (computing power) and requiring high performance properties, robustness and resilience vis-à-vis external barriers, whether or not foreseeable (obstacles, failures, levels of trust and cooperation, etc..).
In this context, the dual objective of the project is first to build methodologies and system solutions necessary for networking massive objects and intelligent agents embedded in environments equipped with multiple sensors and actuators, and next, deploy and evaluate the proposed methods and the results obtained in the context of real application and significant complexity.

The program has received support from the European Union, the State, the Region Midi-Pyrénées Urban Community of Greater Toulouse and CNRS under the Contract Project 2007-2013 State-Region.