MEMS - Microelectromechanical systems

Responsible : Christian BERGAUD
Student representative : Jeanne PERRUSSEL
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Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are miniaturized devices with moving/vibrating elements that are used to make sensors and actuators. Originally derived from the microelectronics industry, MEMS are now present in a wide range of consumer products.

The LAAS MEMS research team is working on strategies that aim to increase the performance, reliability and integrability of MEMS devices, but also to enable new functionalities and new transduction mechanisms. To this end, the projects developed in our team focus on three research themes: the exploration of new materials and alternative manufacturing processes; the integration and implementation of new functions at the system level; and finally the development of dedicated instrumentation and the application of MEMS in particular to the biomedical field.

The MEMS team brings together researchers from diverse and complementary backgrounds. The research projects carried out within the MEMS team are carried out on the laboratory's technological platforms, allowing our team to work at all stages of MEMS production, from the design of the device to its integration.


25-29 June 2023 MEMS Team members participate in Transducers 2023 conference in Kyoto, Japan.

20-22 June 2023 EMAPS Cardio consortium took place in Porto.

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