The 3DiSTechnologies start-up receives a Process of the year prize by 3D InCites

Friday, 14 February, 2020 - 00:00 to 23:30

La start-up 3DiSTechnologies, launched by Thierry Parra, Ayad Ghannam of MOST team and David Bourrier of TEAM service in 2014, has been awarded a "Process of the Year" prize.

Presented at the end of the 3D InCites Awards 20201 competition on Febrery 14, this prize rewards a technological process allowing the manufacturing of 3D metal tracks to create compact and high-performance interconnections. An innovative process that was developed thanks to the laboratory's equipment

Testifying to the high level of the technology, this distinction is a good argument for the further development of the company in the field of packaging for 5G applications or for the Internet of Things.

Metallized holes through the housing (TPV for "Thru Package Vias") of different heights faded thanks to the 3DisTechnologies process


13D InCites competition brings together major companies and international organizations working in the field of 3D systems integration and heterogeneous integration.