Download and run


Project DEVS and the ProDEVS GUI run on any operating system supporting Java: Linux, Windows, or MacOS.

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is required as ProDEVS generates, computes and executes Java code. Note that under Linux, OpenJDK may not work correctly with ProDEVS. SUN JDK is recommended.
You need to install JDK 8 or higher.

After installing the JDK, make sure the java executables files are in the PATH system variable. Refer to your OS documentation for details about editing the PATH variable.


Download and expand one of the below files in a folder which path does not contain any space or special character:

This release is 0.5 beta [last updated: April 11 2018]


Manually (Any OS)

In a console, go into the ProDEVS root directory and write the following command:

java -jar launcher.jar -console

Note that the cache folder contains the generated code and the data results. It may be removed from times to time to free up space.

Using scripts (Linux or Windows)

Execute one of the following scripts available in the scripts folder:

  • - Launch for a Linux environment
  • prodevs_launch_windows.bat - Launch for a Windows environment

If you encounter errors after some uses or want to free up disk space, use one of the following scripts:

  • prodevs_clean_and_launch_windows.bat