Special Session SiSoSE@ SoSE'2018

Special session: Software-intensive System-of-Systems Engineering (SiSoSE)@ SoSE'2018

The complexity of software and the complexity of systems reliant on software have grown at a staggering rate. In particular, software-intensive systems have been rapidly evolved from being stand-alone systems in the past, to be part of networked systems in the present, to increasingly become software-intensive systems-of-systems in the coming future.

     Actually, the pervasiveness of the communication networks increasingly has made possible to interconnect software-intensive systems that were independently developed, operated, and managed, yielding a new class of system-of-systems, i.e. the Software-intensive System-of-Systems (SoS).

     Software-intensive SoS (SiSoS) has become a hotspot in the last 5 years, from both research and industry viewpoints. Indeed, various aspects of our lives and livelihoods have progressively become overly dependent on some sort of Software-intensive SoS.

     SiSoS, which mixes together the characteristics of traditional systems-of-systems with the flexibility of software, have raised substantial challenges to researchers and practitioners in Software Engineering. The scientific and technological challenge is thereby to specify, design, implement, operate, and dynamically evolve trustworthy Software-intensive SoSs, harnessing emergent behaviors for achieving specified missions. Software engineering theories and tools are needed to adequately design, implement, operate, and even evolve such dynamic, complex software-intensive SoS.

     This special session will provide a panorama of the research on Software-intensive System-of-Systems Engineering focusing on promising solutions and proposing inspiring visions for the future.


Context of the special session

This special session is proposed by the French Network on Software-intensive Systems-of-Systems of the CNRS, in the GDR GPL, grouping together 16 research units from the CNRS and INRIA and 12 members from the industry: AIRBUS, CAP GEMINI, CS, DCNS, SEGULA, THALES Group, THALES Alenia Space, THALES Communications et Sécurité, THALES Recherche & Technologie.


The session will focus on discussing and establishing the foundations for the SoS Software Engineering domain, to pave the way for a more structured community effort.

For this, the workshop will focus on the following (and similar) themes:

• SoS Analysis & Architecture

• Requirements engineering

• Architectural description

• Architectural evaluation

• Architectural evolution

• SoS Model-Based Engineering

• Modeling and simulation

• Model driven engineering

• Models at runtime

• SoS Construction and Evolution

• Techniques and technologies

• Service-orientation

• Component frameworks

• Evolutionary development

• SoS Experience

• Industrial perspectives

• Successful case studies

• SoS General Issues

• Characteristics of SoS

• Quality in SoS

• SoS development processes

• Acquisition and project management

• Verification and validation of SoS

• Future perspective, challenges, and directions of SoS research and/or development



Flavio Oquendo 


Khalil Drira


Axel Legay 



Important dates


– Paper submission: 5th February, 2018

– Notification of paper acceptance: 10th April, 2018

– Final paper submission: 15th May, 2018


Submission guidelines


SiSoSE@SoSE is an integral part of the SoSE conference. Please refer to the conference submission guidelines: http://sosengineering.org/2018/paper-submission/