Meeting M12 //HoliFAB//

HoliFAB Meeting M12 is starting at LAAS-CNRS

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HoliFAB meeting M12 the 13th & 14th December

HoliFAB meeting M12 the 13th & 14th December


News : Laurent Malaquin talking about MultiFab during ESOF's events

News : ​Imagining Tomorrow, International press visit, the 9th of July

Joins Us to the 2nd workshop " bioFabrication & Cancer the 27 and 28 june 2018, Bordeaux

Justine Creff (PhD student) will give an oral presentation untitled : Development of 3D model of intestinal epithelium to study intestinal stem cell fate and proliferation

New: Joins us to the RT days the 21th & 22th June

New: Joins us to the Forum du CNRS the 15th and 16th of June

NEW: 3D printed Pachinko device: hydrodynamic cell trapping array

All designs have been fabricated using a commercial DS3000 photosensitive polymer (DWS)

NEW: 3D printed hydrodynamic microfluidic device


NEW: Direct laser fabrication of free-standing PEGDA-hydrogel scaffolds for neuronal cell growth: Engineering 3D biocompatible microenvironments



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