The 1st MOVeToDiam project devices

P+/N-junction diodes were fabricated on (111) and (100) diamond films and cTLM structures were integrated in the same sample.

D197 (PN Diamond 100)For theABJ 121 (PN Diamond 111) 1 st time, circular-type TLM (cTLM) structures  were integrated on both p and n regions to allow direct characterization of the contacts of PN diodes. This is made possible by the development of those lithography technics.

To do that we have developed a specific lithography process available for very small samples such as diamond substrates. The photoresist is deposited with a spray coater in order to ensure a good homogeneity of the layer, thus enabling the definition of high-resolution circular pattern of both the TLM and diodes ohmic contacts by laser lithography.