All the MOVeToDiam collaborators have been involved in previous projects during 6 years.

LAAS has a world-class expertise on design, realization and characterization of innovative power silicon MOS structures and also, since ten years, on development of GaN and Diamond devices. The development of a complete Diamond MOS process will benefit from the equipment of the Micro and Nanotechnologies platform.

LSPM is an own research unit of CNRS which is well identified for its expertise in diamond synthesis and in the processes of microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (MPACVD). This is one of the few laboratories in the world able to provide thick diamond single crystal having impurity levels below ppb and as high as few 3x1020 cm-3 essential for developing vertical components.

The GEMaC of Versailles (UMR8635-CNRS/UVSQ) has expertise on the synthesis and the physical properties of semiconducting materials. The “Diamond for electronic” team has no French competitor and is in direct competition with the only other Japanese lab that masters (100) n-type diamond.

The AMPÈRE laboratory is under the supervision of CNRS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, INSA Lyon and Université Claude Bernard. It is historically involved in the design of high voltage and high temperature wide bandgap devices. The Electric Energy department is specialized in Technological Computer Aided Design (TCAD) for power devices, high voltage and high temperature device characterizations.

IBS is a French company specialized in the service of semiconductor manufacturing components on several materials (Si, SiC…). IBS participated in R&D programs that have allowed it to develop his skills on the doping (implantation + high temperature activation). In MOVeToDiam, IBS will lend its expertise on the subject and skills on the other stages of diamond manufacturing components, thanks to her staff experience.