The ambitious aim of the MOVeToDiam project is to create breakthrough by developing crucial Diamond technological steps to design and fabricate the next generation of power devices operating at 300°C as :

  • vertical p-channel MOSFET U gate  : Diam-UpMOSFET exhibiting a low on-resistance (< 75 mW) together with a breakdown voltage (BV) in the 600V – 1200V range
  • very high voltage diamond TMBS diode (Trench MOS Barrier Schottky) : Diam-pTMBS with both JF ≥ 2000 A/cm2 and BV ≥ 6kV.

Demonstration of the feasibility of Diam-UpMOSFET and Diam-pTMBS, requires basic research with high potential for disruptive technologies :

  • mastery of p and n stacking layers growth with control of width and doping concentration,
  • low resistive ohmic contacts both on n and p-type Diamond: to date no team has demonstrated ohmic contact on n-type,
  • control of a perfect verticality and surface state of the trench sidewall obtained by RIE etching process,
  • find the gate dielectric material offering the good dielectric properties and a diamond/dielectric interface electronically stable, adapted to achieve inversion mode (MOS effect),
  • design and realization of junction termination for device periphery by combining several classic technics to ensure targeted high breakdown voltage.