OLC Group

The research topics of the OLC group are related with critical communicating systems having strong requirements in terms of temporal constraints, quality of service and security. The design of such systems consists in defining and realizing a whole set of software components characterized by strong temporal and cooperative constraints. The design processes rely on formal bases and cover the various steps from the specification to the implementation, passing through architecture and behaviors description, formal checking, as well as experimental validation and assessment.

The group is involved in an important transfer and valorization activity of its results, in collaboration with other public laboratories and industrial partners in the field, including Airbus, AKKA, Alcatel-Lucent, Bull, Continental , C&S, EADS, France Telecom R&D, Thales. It is involved in many projects of the French «Pôles de compétivité» and more particularly in the French Aerospace Valley. The group has been contributing, as a participant or a coordinator, to the European (FP6, FP7, ITEA), national (RNRT, RNTL, ACI, ANR), and local (CR-MIP, RTRA) programs. Contributions address several aspects of networks as heterogeneity (wireless: ad hoc, sensors, satellite), self-adaptation, security, differentiated quality of services enforcement and their distributed, cooperative and service-oriented applications. The group also takes part in the definition and the implementation of network experimental platforms and an open-source toolkit for modeling and validating critical applications.

The group OLC consists of three research axis:

  • Design, Formalization and Analysis,
  • Communication Protocols and Architectures,
  • Services and Components for Collaboration.