MRS Group

Head : Olivier BRUN
Secretary : Christèle MOUCLIER

The MRS group deals with the development of new methods and algorithmic approaches to analyze, design and evaluate the performances of telecommunication networks and systems. It is also concerned with advanced signal processing and systems modeling and control.    The group conducts different research projects on traffic modeling, optimization and network planning, cluster or grid computing systems, non linear filtering applied to signal, Volterra filtering, non linear systems realization and identification via hereditary algorithms and diffusive representation.

The group collaborates with many academic research teams, both national (INRIA and I3S in Sophia Antipolis, ENST in Paris and ISIMA in Clermond-Ferrand) and international (CWI in Amsterdam, HUT in Helsinki and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena). In addition we also have long lasting collaborations with several industrial partners like SFR, Index Multimedia, AIRBUS, FT R&D, Alcatel, Thales, DCN, NavoCap, and QoS Design.

The research conducted covers two axes: