MH2F Team

Leader : Katia GRENIER
Assistant : Brigitte DUPIN
The research emerging team MH2F aims to develop technological and methodological researches in order:

  • 1. to exploit the non invasive character of electromagnetic waves (E.M.) with very low power levels to detect/analyze/manipulate biological media (DNA, biological cells, tissues), and further to understand electromagnetic waves interaction with livings,

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  • 2. to explore the potentialities offered by EM-waves/liquids interaction to develop new liquid-state components for high frequency (H.F.) applications.

    Area of the research emerging group

Scientific objectives

  • (1) to increase our fundamental knowledge on high-frequency-waves interaction with biological substances and more widely with complex liquids,

  • (2) to develop associated micro and nano technologies, to favor the exploitation of electromagnetic waves with applications in the fields of biology, bioengineering, medicine, environment…

  • (3) and also to propose innovative engineering of microfuidic for high frequency electronics (instrumentation, aeronautics, spatial, communication…).

The Scientific Activities are organized in 3 axis

Electromagnetism/Fluidic Interaction

E.M. 3D simulation (here: electrical field intensity) of the microfluidic HF structure

Electrical modelling (here permittivity) of biological substances

Micro- Nanotechnologies and Heterogeneous Integration

H.F. Passive circuits realized in clean room (4" wafer)

Metrology and Reliability

RF measurements setup

Micrometric and passive circuits' characterization