Partenarships and Collaborations

The M2D group maintains an active partnership with private sector companies, be they major ones like ALCATEL, ESSILOR, FREESCALE, STM, or small /medium size ones like HEMODIA, TRAD, as well as with public institutions (universities, “grandes ecoles”, labs, CEA, CNES, CERN, ONERA,…).

It is also involved in a number of collaborations and/or projects at the local level (regions like Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine, etc., …), domestically (ACI NMAC, RMNT, RNTS, RTP,…), and even internationally (6th PCRD, PAI, TEMPUS,…).

Within the framework of its areas of expertise, the M2D group is also open to all collaboration and/or partnership proposals.