Microsystems of detection

The other area of expertise of the group deals with the design, fabrication and optimisation of detection microsystems or microsensors for various applications (mechanical, physical, (bio)chemical, biology,...). This includes the design of generic transducers, integration of detection materials, prototyping of microsensors, characterization set up and the related instrumentation along with modeling/simulation to comprehend detection phenomena with the purpose of optimization for a given application.

Ongoing work is concerned with the development of radiation detectors, pressure and/or stress sensors, conductimetric gas sensors, field effect chemical microsensors and chemical microelectrodes. Emphasis is laid on such items as costs, recycling, autonomy, portability and practicality with the goal of achieving industrial transfers. Thus, most studies are conducted in partnership with industrialists in such fields of application as health, the environment and/or the agri-food business.