M2D Group

Head : Pierre Temple Boyer
Secretary :

Microdispositifs and microsystemes of detection

The activities of the group "Microdevices and Microsystems of Detection" (M2D) are focused on two major areas: design, fabrication and optimisation of microdevices using polymer and silicon technologies for special or emerging applications, as well as the application of these studies to the development of detection microsystems.

By "microdevice" we mean not only the basic microelectronic microcomponents and micromechanic microstructures but also the opto-electro-mechanical Microsystems (MOEMS), microactuators, microsensors and other microsystems. The microdevices studied in the M2D group share a common feature: they can be fabricated using the regular techniques of silicon microelectronics (photolithography, thermal annealing, deposition processes, implantation physico-chemical etching, transfer, connectics, etc,...) as well as through additional techniques compatible with its specifications (microlithography, chemical functionalization techniques, electrolytic deposition, surface and volume micro-bonding, anodic bonding, packaging,…). Typically, they range from the submicronic to the millimetric, and exhibit 2D or 3D planar structures that can be fabricated jointly at a low cost.

By "microsystem of detection" we mean microsensors, microdetectors and other microtransducers. The M2D group selected it as its key field of investigation. Thus, it is involved in the design, fabrication and optimisation of these microsystems with a view to an industrial transfer.