The lack of centre and global clock together with a priori unbounded communication delays (i.e. asynchronous model), massive parallelism and heterogeneity lead to interesting problems. We note that technical challenges in distributed computing are not limited to the problems quoted above (one could quote also cooperation in presence of faults and topology changes and many more challenges). More generally, these technical challenges can be identified as part of broader “Grand Challenges” like:
a) Easiness of programming and using massively parallel or distributed architectures
b) Quest of efficient parallel or distributed methods.
Some computer scientists like Rodney Brooks and Michel Raynal consider that those “Grand Challenges” are among the most important ones in Computer Science and that the future of this science depends greatly on our capacity to address these important questions. These circumstances are very propitious to research works led by scientific researchers of our team who have worked for a long time on parallel and distributed computing.